Allan Dib is the owner of Successwise and author of the 1 Page Marketing Plan. This book is one of the best marketing tools for entrepreneurs and small business owners. In this post we’ll discuss the first section of the 1 Page Marketing Plan.

Business Prospects - Book of the Month - Greatness Unlimited

Target Market and Niche Selection

This section of the book focuses on getting specific. Allan does an amazing job of explaining how you can find a niche. Transitioning entrepreneurs struggle with finding a niche more than anything. This is where everything starts with your business. Having a clear understanding of who you bring value to will make each part of your marketing much easier.

Allan uses the metaphor “an inch wide and a mile deep” to explain the type of industry that you want to select. This basically means find a specific problem to solve. That’s the inch wide portion. A mile deep means that there are several people with this same problem. Finding a market that fits this criteria means you’ll always have customers and it’s easy to display your expertise.

Craft Your Message

The next section of earning more business prospects is your messaging. You need a specific formula for separating yourself from the competition. Allan explains this as being remarkable. Find a way to convey what you do to your audience.

There is no new idea or product on the market. Pretty much everything has been done before. Your job is to package, deliver and sell your product in a completely different way than your competition. You can do this easily by getting into the head of your prospect. Get a deeper understanding of their pain points. Start selling outcomes and solutions instead of products and services.

Business Prospects - Book of the Month - Greatness Unlimited

Business Prospects and Media

The key point in this section is to have different places to acquire leads. Allan explains that you shouldn’t focus on getting your name out there but more on getting a valuable return on your ad spend.

Allan explains the real traps of social media. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners love to use applications like Twitter and Instagram to acquire customers. Which isn’t bad. But you want to make sure ownership is in your control. Never build your structure on sand. Also, don’t waste too much time working to acquire customers on these apps. You need a more measurable result.

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