This week’s entrepreneur of the week is A.R. Morton. Mr. Morton, also known as DOE Doobs, is the owner of Lola and Doe. His company reach the White House in 2018. He’s also a published author. You can find Black America Inc. on Amazon. Doe is definitely one of the top entrepreneurs working to make an impact in 2019 and beyond. He’s focusing on educating people about their finances. Check out his full interview below!

Early Years

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is A.R. Morton AKA DOE Doobs, and I Build Wealth and help others do the same, for a Living.

How did you begin your career as an entrepreneur?

My very first contracted Job was Asst. Church Drummer at the age of 8. I was making $10 a service. Years later, I moved to Providence, Rhode Island and started working in a local Clothing Store at 13. I essentially forced the owner to hire me by volunteering my T-Shirt folding skills everyday. He wasn’t digging it at first, but my work ethic and sheer will got me the job. A little under 2 Years later I had the keys to the store. At 15 I was running the entire store. Since then I knew I wanted to be my own boss and be on the Hiring side of the desk.

What was your biggest challenge early in your journey?

Self doubt, for sure. I wasn’t as confident as I should’ve been, and it caused me to not take risks or push when things got rough. Entrepreneurs can pick up a bad habit of hopping from one project to the next because they didn’t see the previous one through. That comes from a lack of confidence and a lack of discipline, which honestly can’t live without each other in life and entrepreneurship.

How did you overcome your early challenges?

Stopped caring about what people think, especially the nagging voice in my OWN head. I put the blinders on and focused on one task at a time, despite whatever chaos is going on around me. Once I started believing in myself more, I got more things done, which made me believe in myself more, which made me get more things done. I’m sure you see what I’m getting at.

Personal Facts

Who was your biggest inspiration?

As far as people I know; my Uncle Mark, my partner Courtney, and my Wife Averia. As far as people I don’t know; Curren$y.

How is your business going currently?

2018 is the official BEST fiscal year I’ve ever had in my life. Lola & Doe went international! We get dozens of new customers everyday who are experiencing our goods and loving it. #StopBeingPoor is doing great as well. I’ve been able to help 6 people become DEBT FREE, and helped dozens of others open Investment Accounts across the world. I even made Entrepreneur of the Week at Greatness Unlimited! 2018 was AMAZING for me. I’m sure you too.

What is your definition of an entrepreneur?

An Entrepreneur is simply someone who sees a problem, thinks of a viable solution for it, and profits from selling it. How well you solve the problem and how well you present the solution is what makes you a “good” or “bad” entrepreneur.

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