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Everyone should start a podcast. It’s one of the easiest and most efficient ways to create your own platform. The Greatness Unlimited Podcast is now at 100 episodes. We wanted to use this show to educate and inspire entrepreneurs. In the special 100th episode we wanted to share some of the best podcasting tips with you.

Podcasting Tips

Tip 1: Stay focused on one area. Make your podcast about one specific thing. Don’t attempt to be relevant in one area at the same time. Stay dedicated to one area.

Tip 2: The value isn’t in downloads. So many early podcasters focus on downloads and subscribers. It’s not about how many people are listening, think about who is listening.

Tip 3: Focus on value first. Getting sponsorships or selling tons of products will come in the future. Just focus on being valuable to your ideal customers and listeners.

We appreciate all of you for making the Greatness Unlimited Podcast one of the best shows for entrepreneurs. We want to help you turn your knowledge into cash. Get access to the Entrepreneur Empire Program for free now.