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Miachel Greenberg joins the Greatness Unlimited Podcast to discuss his podcast tips for hosts in 2019. He provided us with some valuable information on how to market your podcast to get more listeners and different ways to build a brand. This episode is great for all the podcast hopefuls out there. Take some notes and start creating your content!

In this show you’ll learn:

  • Ways to grow your audience
  • How to build your mailing list with a podcast
  • Tips for sponsorships using retargeting methods.

More about Michael Greenberg

Michael Greenberg is the founder of Gentleman Of Technology LLC, a B2B venture creation and strategy consulting firm. Patrick Gusman, entrepreneur and former CIO for the National Urban League, has called him “A positioning guru extraordinaire and is one of those rare young geniuses.” After spending the last five years working in high-level management and consulting roles for small to large brands and startups, Michael knows what truly drives conversations, new business leads, brands and new product launches that produce business growth.

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