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The very first thing you must do before creating content or before deciding on a price is testing your online course idea. Don’t get caught up in the glitz and glamour of six-figure launches and forget to take the most basic steps to make progress. These is where you set the foundation for your online course. Before any videos are recorded or any tools are paid for, it’s best to test your idea.

In this episode, Coach Chris explains a powerful strategy to test your online course idea. This strategy is simple and will help you in every step of producing your program. Steps include:

  • Finding ideal Facebook groups
  • Asking your ideal customers a lot of questions
  • Tracking all the data you receive.

Why Test Your Online Course Idea?

Every big company tests their ideas before they start production. They don’t just decide to throw a product out there. All the big companies like Apple and Nike test their ideas. You have to do the same. This process is important because it ensure that you’ll have customers and clients waiting to buy what you’re selling. When you take the time to test your idea, you’re also “building the line.” The anticipation build up will be attached to your brand and everything about the culture you desire.

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