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Storytelling is something as old as time. In business, we can use stories to help us get our point across in a healthier way. Ryan Rhoten is a genius at helping entrepreneurs focus more on delivering valuable information and helping clients. In this episode, we learn how:

  • Ways to use stories to stand out from the competition.
  • Strategies for introducing yourself more meaningfully.
  • A system for understanding the pain points of your ideal clients.

Why Storytelling?

Storytelling is useful because you shift the focus on the conversation. Stop calling clients or prospects to immediately talk about why you’re qualified or what makes you an expert. They probably already know your credentials. People want to understand how you can solve their problem. Show them that you can provide value.

Lastly, Ryan Rhoten also explains that storytelling can be a great way to introduce your social proof. There is a place for your credentials and testimonials, just not in the beginning of the conversation. Using a great story to convey your understanding of a particular problem makes your credibility and likability skyrocket! Add some storytelling to your system.


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