How to Use Social Platforms

There is a right and wrong way to use social platforms. This episode features some very important information about different ways to promote your content. Not every platform can be used in the same way. There are different people on each social media site and they receive information differently. Coach Chris wants you to understand exactly how to use social platforms.

Instead of attempting to cover every social media site available, we focused on the major three. Most people are on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Even if they don’t use the profile consistently, they still have an account created.

Do you know where your ideal audience is? That’s a very important part of this episode. Before you decide which site you’ll call home, identifying where your consumers are is a major key to success. For example, the owner of a clothing line that wants to reach the teenage market would do a lot better on Instagram¬†or even Snapchat than Facebook. Consequently, an insurance company would thrive by having an Instagram page with happy clients that received their payouts. It’s all about knowing where you can be the most effective.

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