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Market Research Styles

Entrepreneurs ignore market research a lot. Honestly, it’s very easy to. When you’re focusing on margins and trying to develop new products, you forget the most important piece in all of this: you’re customer. Market research is when you spend time or money to find out what your market is interested in and what problems they’re facing. You should do as much research as possible. In fact, it never really stops.

Coach Chris uses this episode to explains the different ways you can conduct market research in 2019. Things are different now. Your business textbook in college gave you focus group styles and advertisement ideas. Now, we can do focus groups in direct messages. It’s all about being creative.

What you’ll learn:

  • Knowing your market is where everything starts.
  • You need to see what their pain is. This helps you create better content.
  • Create products and resources from this information.
  • Action Step: Ask your audience on social media. Ask people singing up to your mailing list. See what other experts in your area are covering.

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