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Entrepreneur Lifestyle

The entrepreneur lifestyle is often portrayed as glamorous. All the fancy cars, vacations and Shopify screenshots only sell the dream to hopeful participants. The reality is, entrepreneurship is what you make it. You can’t guarantee that anyone is going to win long term. That’s just not how this game works.

In this episode, Coach Chris explains how the entrepreneur life really works. It’s not about the rented cars or the fake attention online. It’s about knowing what you want and then working towards everyday. Every entrepreneur must be resilient and take the good with the bad. Survive the bad!

Everything you’ll learn

  • There are no rules. Create your own.
  • Have your own version of success and comfort. Don’t chase what everyone else is doing.
  • Stop subscribing to the fake gurus.
  • Action Step: Make a list of what you want to accomplish as an entrepreneur

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