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In 2019, everyone has the ability to do what they love. It’s not difficult as it was twenty years ago. Back in the day, we needed approval or cosigns from the gate keepers of certain industries. Now, all you need is a laptop and some determination. Everything you want is at your fingertips.

In this episode, Coach Chris explains the process to creating life the you want. There are four easy steps that you can take instantly to start creating the life you want.

Steps to Start Doing What You Love

Passion. Everything starts here. Without the right focus on what you really care about, you won’t execute consistently or outwork the competition. Doing something you actually care about will help you stay focused.

Earning Stage. Don’t attempt to go around this. You need to go through the earning stage. It will only help you in the long term. Everything you learn then will be beneficial in the coming times.

Content Creation. Use everything you learn to start creating content. Start putting your expertise on display as soon as possible. Select your personal style and get to work.

Product Development. People are going to pay you for what you know. That information product is everything you need to start creating income from what you know.

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