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Everyone wants to build a personal brand. People talk about getting followers and being influencers nonstop. It’s not as easy as it seems. More importantly, we must understand the difference between a personal brand and a business.

The Difference

First, brands about one single person cannot operate without that persons’ presence. Next, they’re impossible to sell. Lastly, they can be very hard to scale. Entrepreneurs working for freedom should NOT rely on their personality alone to reach the status they desire.

Businesses are operated by systems and deliver products and services. Some businesses are sold for millions of dollars. The tough part as an entrepreneur is separating yourself from a business and making it about the product or service and less about you.

Having a brand isn’t a bad thing. It’s a great career to have. Everyone isn’t build to be on camera all day. Use self-awareness to decide if having a personal brand is what you’d like to do. If not, the business route is best. Freedom!

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