Lead magnets are the best way to provide value to your audience. The best way to make your online brand stand out is to give away value for free. Yes, for free. This does a few things that we’ll cover in this video.

The Purpose

A lead magnet is a piece of value that you deliver to your audience and it’s always for free. You need lead magnets to build your mailing lists. It will help you build your audience and attract the ideal customers. Everyone loves anything that’s free!

How to Create Lead Magnets

Use Canva, a free design tool that can be used to make anything. Easil is also a great free tool for creating valuable freebies for your audience. When you really want to step your game up, start using InDesign. This is what the big professionals use to create powerful tools that help their audience.

Pro Tip: List the problems that your audience experiences and then list the solutions you have. This will make it easier and easier to create something that your audience truly wants.

Most lead magnets are ebooks. Everyone loves to be lazy and combine a ton of blog posts into one book and give it away. Yes, it can work. The audience doesn’t get value if they never use your tool. We’ve all downloaded a ton of ebooks and never read them. Greatness Unlimited only creates workbooks as our lead magnets. We want to give you valuable information AND make you answer questions.


We covered what a lead magnet is and why you need a few to build your business. Now you’re probably stuck and not sure where to start.

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