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Everyone wants to make money online. Passive income is one of the most talked about topics. One of the best ways to make this happen is to presell your course. You can literally be paid to create your entire program! There is a system to set you on the correct path for success.

Patience is the Key

In this episode, Coach Chris explains the system for pre-selling your online course. One of the main factors is patience. Several entrepreneurs completely ruin their chance at having a great launch by rushing the process. Keep patience in mind as we go through this process. This episode also includes:

  • Focus group steps to get those initial sales and instant income.
  • How to make the most of early connections.
  • Steps to set up your sales page and get the very important testimonials.

The presell process is all about building anticipation. But before you post the link publicly, you have to be ready for sales. This means having your infrastructure in line, making sure payment processors are working and testimonials should be public to inspire more sales. The process to presell your online course will be amazing when you’re patient.

It’s time to start outlining your online course and Greatness Unlimited is going to help you.