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Messaging is one of the easiest things to overlook as an entrepreneur. We pass it right up. Ignoring messaging honestly makes sense. It’s not glamorous like marketing or sales. Once you get messaging down and you do it right, it can completely change your business. Ben Gioia joined the show to discuss:

  • Ways to develop your message
  • The reality of messaging and how long it takes to create one.
  • Messaging for experts that want more valuable clients.

More about Ben Gioia

Ben Gioia (“joya”) is a 2X bestselling author & speaker who’s positioned global thought leaders, shifted culture at a Fortune 100, created a mindfulness video game, and helps kick-ass, heart-based women change the world. He’s the President of and founder of the Influence With A Heart™ Movement: a mindful, compassionate approach to leadership & innovation used by more than 23,000 people worldwide.

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