Brand Building

Save this episode.

Brand building is often talked about but rarely executed. I was randomly inspired to talk about marketing and branding on Twitter, which led to this episode. But it expanded to something even bigger. Social media marketing is popular but we make it way too complicated. It can be a lot simpler than we make it.

In this bonus episode, I explained:

  • How to use Twitter attention to your advantage.
  • Ways that Facebook groups are beneficial to your brand.
  • The importance of Instagram visuals.
  • The content that can win on each platform individually.

Content Marketing

Advertising scares everyone. It makes sense to be afraid. You can waste a lot of money by running ads if you don’t know what you’re doing. Content marketing also helps with brand building so I wanted to provide you with very basic steps to execute retargeting ads.

  1. Engaging Content. Your content must create content that is educating or entertaining. The goal is to get people to be attached to your brand. If they’re looking forward to your videos or podcast episodes, they’ll be dedicated to following all of the content you release.
  2. Basic Ads. When you run ads, just keep it simple. You’ll be considered a celebrity to these people so all you need to do is teach them more about your brand and the problem that you solve. Video ads work the best in retargeting because prospects see this as a touch point.

Brand building does take time but when you use content, it becomes extremely easy. You’ll be building valuable relationships with prospects that are interested in working with you or purchasing your products.

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