Action Over Motivation

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Stop looking for motivation! It’s really a waste of time to be honest. Action is the only thing that’s real! Everything else is just a facade. All the self help books or mindset courses are useless unless you take action. It might sound crazy at first, but think about it, you can’t constantly buy courses and ever use anything in them. Slow down and you’ll make significant progress in your business.

The reason we’re relaunching this podcast is to help entrepreneurs. It’s not about talking around subjects or providing soft value points. We’re here to help you make significant progress with your business online and become a better person in the process. Action over motivation is part of our new brand message. We want entrepreneurs to do more than consume content and talk about the great things they can do. 

In this return episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why motivation is useless.
  • The best way to take immediate action and make progress.
  • How to improve your focus by analyzing your consumption.

The Entrepreneur Action Plan community is all about progress. How many times have you gotten a great idea and failed to execute? How many times have you wanted to execute and been unsure of where to start? Well we’re here to help you make progress in that online business. The Entrepreneur Action Plan is solid community of entrepreneurs that are dedicated to building their business and investing in themselves. You can join us here.