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Content marketing is the best strategy to use when you don’t have a ton of money to pour into your marketing. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have in terms of funds, you can invest time and energy into building an audience using these three different types of content.

What you must understand before beginning this content marketing strategy is that every platform is pay to play. The days of organic traffic are long gone. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram require you to pay!

  1. Educational. This form of content helps you build an audience. It requires that you share valuable information that your people need.
  2. Inspiring. Storytelling is a way to win! Giving people stories of triumph and being vulnerable will help with the trust factor. Prospects will fall in love with you because of relatability.
  3. Move the Needle. Some prospects will need a push to buy from you. Think of this content is sales videos. The whole purpose is to show them why they should buy now and overcome their objections.

This content marketing strategy is extremely useful for entrepreneurs that are selling information. If you have courses or coaching programs for sale, you should definitley have this process implemented in your marketing plan. The medium you use, audio, video or written, is really up to your audience. Find out what they respond to the best and you’ll be successful!

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