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Most people only know about productivity from a basic viewpoint. To do lists is the most popular strategy given to people that will supposedly help them be more productive. The problem with to do lists is you can get caught in being busy while never being productive. That’s why the action list was created.

The Action List method is a way to get more things done with less time. This strategy is all about efficiency. The lie of only working hard and seeing success is gone now. We know better. In this episode, Coach Chris explains:

  • Why to do lists are horrible for you.
  • How the Action List can impact your life and business.
  • Tools to get started being more efficient instantly.

This method originated with the Greatness Guideline. It’s a method Coach Chris and several of his clients have been using for years! If your goal is to be more efficient and productive, you’ll need to learn how to get things done in less time without all the extra hassle. That’s what this episode will do for you.

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