Business finances aren’t talked about enough. Everyone is focused on sales but very few entrepreneurs focus on management of that revenue. It sounds great to make six figures or have a million dollar company. But in reality, the failure to manage your finances can result in the loss of those funds you worked so hard to acquire!

Save this episode.

The content you create is great. It’s obviously great to generate sales! But what you do with that revenue is very important. Entrepreneurs often confuse their business making money with them making money. Conversely, the smart entrepreneurs the concept of paying themselves first from the revenue their business actually generates.

3 Key Steps

In this episode, Coach Chris will discuss three key steps to better business finances:

  • Why its important to have a business account to accept all of your payments
  • How to pay yourself first while keeping your business thriving
  • The strategy for tracking your expenses consistently.

You’ll completely change your business by adding structure to your finances. It’s best to start adding structure to your finances before you reach six-figures or higher. Another advantage to this system is being able to file your business taxes a lot easier. Get started by creating a business bank account using Azlo!

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